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There are historical reports (hadith) of Prophet Muhammad stating that mastering a certain verse or concept within the Qur’an is akin to knowing all of your faith. Simply put, a surrender to God can be explained in a single concept within Revelation.  For me, that one concept is the Qur’anic view of the human soul.  In the Qur’an, God explains that the soul has been made to know right from wrong.  The Qur’an continues, stating that the one who nourishes their soul is the one who succeeds.  Just as the farmer toils away at the land to produce a good crop, providing sunshine, water, and good soil, so should we be farmers for our souls.  We should work hard to purify our hearts and make them grow peaceful.

For the past few years, that is the state of mind I’ve been in; putting that core principle into practice.  We are bombarded with information every day and sometimes I just retreat and contemplate over my soul.

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