What is hijabman, exactly?

HijabMan is first and foremost a blog.  I hope that it does some good in the world, by entertaining as well as educating the believing community. For me personally, it’s a character I created to provide a model of who I’d like to be.  The character encompasses a way of approaching and practicing islam (lit: surrender to God) that I’d like to fully realize.

Who is hijabman?

The name refers to a guy named Javed that started hijabman.com a long long time ago.  It has nothing to do with hijab itself.

Are their any rules here?

Well, you can check out our Terms Of Service. But if you want a ten second summary, it goes something like this: Don’t steal, don’t spam, be nice, and everyone is welcome.

How do I contact you?

By e-mail, I can be contacted via our contact form
If that for whatever reason is broken, try hijabmandotcom [AT] gmail [dot] com (hijabmandotcom is one word, dot spelled out)

How do I submit articles to be published on hijabman.com? 

You can also paste your submission in that box.


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