From Just For Fun, For All Your Mahram Needs!

Saudi Arabia mandates that a woman needs a male relative, or a mahram to visit Mecca. This leaves many of our sisters empty handed with no ‘umra or hajj visa in hand. Enter Rent-A-Mahram. We provide temporary husband services to cure this injustice. Thousands of single Muslim women (especially converts) who cannot go will now have a companion!, for all your mahram needs. We also provide background check services on potential mates by bringing baseball bats to our meetings!

Note: No representation is made that the quality of services performed by this mahram are better than the services performed by actual mahram. Dowry, maintenance, and gratification of sexual desires not included.
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Three Beautiful Things: Canada Edition

While my father rarely shared details about his past, he often speaks fondly of his time at the University of Toronto as well as the University of British Columbia. I haven’t visited Vancouver yet (coming soon), but Toronto I’ve visited plenty. From asking for a “double double” at Tim Horton’s, to calling my male companions, ‘guy’ and telling my friend Pari that she is both “Yonge and Dundas,” Toronto provides endless adventure.

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The Fascinating World Of Muslim Personals On Non-Muslim Sites

If you haven’t already guessed, I find American Muslims fascinating, particularly in the way men and women find partners.

At the age of sixteen or so, I came across my first Muslim matrimonial site. As many women will tell you, these sites are full of intelligent beautiful women and not-so-appealing men.

During that time, sitting at home in the suburbs without any Muslim friends and waiting for college to begin, I spent some time on sites like, and I tried them all despite being sixteen and not looking for someone to marry, obviously. (Is that laughter, I hear?).

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What Is Wrong With My Ass: Stories From My Time In Syria

I spent about four months in Syria, living in a neighborhood called rukn al-din, in the northeast of Damascus.

While there, I lived in a house with several other Muslim men (and one Christian) from around the world. Eventually, everyone in the house except the Syrians and the German did not speak with me, refused to let me eat with them, and branded me a Sign of The Day Of Judgment. Suffice it to say, I make an impression wherever I go. More on that in a follow-up post, though.

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