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How To Get A Free Land Line With Obi100 + Google Voice

Back when MrsHM and I lived in Malaysia, I was able to connect Gizmo+ to Google Voice for a free U.S. number that friends and family could call me with.  Shortly after we moved back to the U.S., Google discontinued Gizmo+ service, and my free landline went bye-bye.  Sure, people could call me with my Google Voice number, but only if Gmail was open.  A tip I got on Facebook led me to the OBi100 VoIP Telephone Adapter.

Set-up was super easy.  I plugged the Obi100 into my router. Then, I plugged a cheap cordless phone into the Obi100. After that, I simply followed the instructions on ObiHai’s website:

In about 5 minutes, I had a free landline!  Now, when you call my Google Voice number, the phone rings just as it would if I had traditional phone service.