Recipe: Breakfast Berry Quinoa (Welcome Kiran!)

HijabMan’s Note: Please welcome our new guest blogger, Kiran. She’ll be posting healthy recipes and whatever else she feels like writing. She also blogs at 400Degrees

Salaams, Greetings & Hello I’m Kiran!

HijabMan and I have been friends for some time, but I didn’t really get to know him until he photographed my wedding two years ago. At the time I was living in Indiana and have since moved to Connecticut. After getting married I had to face several adjustments: I was beginning a masters program (I’m a librarian by training), I was moving to some strange unheard of state, and after so long, I had to share my space with another person. Fortunately he likes books and I like shelving them (not that a real librarian would).

Ahem…anyways, back to the point of all of this, I also had to adjust to preparing food. Mind you, I love food, but before being married preparing food for myself just didn’t happen very often. I mean, who would really want to have meat residue wedged under their fingernails? Not I. However, given the options of eating out or cooking healthier meals at home, I had to give in and pick up the spatula. I found that once I began to cook, I loved the process, I found it therapeutic. There are so few things in life that have a definite beginning, middle and end. I can directly see the results of my labor AND enjoy it – most of the time. I began to try new things, and experiment with different recipes. It would so often happen that I would cook something and never return to it again – even if it was amazing. So I (actually, my husband) began to photograph these new creations and post them on facebook in an album called “The Gastronomer’s Log.” Several months later I created a blog “400 degrees from perfection” so that I could offer more details, instructions and comments – something that just couldn’t happen on a facebook album. Now I’ll also be posting on HijabMan about twice a month with a new recipe.

Now that all of these formalities are out of the way, lets don our aprons, grab our spatulas and get cooking.

Breakfast Berry Quinoa
Adapted from Whole Living Magazine

Serving Size: 2

½ cup quinoa rinsed and drained
1 ½ cups milk
1 tbsp honey (or to taste)
½ cup blueberries (or mix of any berries)
2 tbsp shredded coconut
pinch of cinnamon

Bring the milk and quinoa to a simmer in a saucepan over medium-high heat.

Reduce the heat to maintain a simmer, cover the pot, and cook until the quinoa is tender, and most of the milk has been absorbed (about 15 minutes).

Remove from heat and spoon into two bowls, stir in the honey and top with coconut, berries and cinnamon.

Recipe Notes: This is a very adaptable recipe. One could easily substitute maple syrup for honey, add bananas, mix up the berries and omit the coconut. I’m sure some nuts on top would be pretty tasty as well. Have fun with this!

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