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You know those historical reports (hadith) of Prophet Muhammad stating that mastering a certain verse or concept within the Qur’an, is akin to knowing all of your faith? Simply put, a surrender to God can be explained in a single concept within Revelation.  For me, that one concept is the Qur’anic view of the human soul.  It explains that the soul knows right from wrong.  The Qur’an continues, stating that the one who nourishes their soul is the one who succeeds.  Just as the farmer toils away at the land to produce a good crop, providing sunshine, water, and good soil, so should we be farmers for our souls.

For the past couple years, that’s the state of mind I’ve been in; putting that core principle into practice.   What better way to nourish my soul than by becoming the best househusband I can be?   Of course, I’ve made several mistakes along the way and those struggles pretty much threw my blogging out the window.  I’ll write about all of that in the coming months, but for now, I’ve broken up my househusbandly duties into five areas.. and I’m excited to shift the content of to reflect these aspects of my life:

1.  Raising our children.  WarriorPrincess is almost 7 years old now and as feisty as ever.  WarriorPrincess#2 is due in April.  And we have begun the process of adopting a WarriorPrince in the future.

2.  Nourishing our bodies through diet and exercise. We’ve done away with most processed foods (and the additives, ‘natural flavorings’ and crap that comes with it) and cook good, wholesome food throughout the week.   MrsHM attends zumba classes regularly, and I’ve been going to a fitness bootcamp 3x a week for the past year.  Next week, I start training for my first sprint triathlon.  My biggest fear?  Being a hairy pakistani dude.  WarriorPrincess wants to compete in a kids triathlon this summer.

3.  Keeping an organized house.  I come from a disorganized family– I know the ‘junk drawer’ all too well.  Training myself to create a system that I can work with has been a huge struggle for me, but I’m well on my way to banishing all the ‘junk drawers’ in my house.

4.  Money management.  With one kid edging toward tween-dom, one kid about to be born, and a couple big purchases coming up (more on that later), it’s become more important to track all of our finances and make sure we’re maximizing our savings.

5.  Time management.  While my official title is househusband, I do have a part-time work from home gig which makes my balancing act a bit more challenging.

That all being said, welcome back to the web site!  For all you loyal fans of the site, I’ve decided to start a giveaway each month.  This month, I’ll be giving away the book Love InshaAllah: The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women… (MrsHM is one of the contributor’s, remember?)  All you need to do is 1. share this post on Facebook (Twitter, if you don’t have a FB account) using the FB button below and then 2. comment here, telling me what you’d like to see on  On Tuesday Morning… UPDATE: On Wednesday afternoon, I’ll pick someone randomly!  Oh, feel free to like the FB page as well.

Have a great weekend!

Image1: BinGregory‘s son at the beach in Sarawak, Borneo.
Image2:  WarriorPrincess and I on Eid.


  1. Shannon Cannell says:

    Glad to see your back to blogging! Have you ever used the website Great for tracking finances and creating budgets. All inclusive look at your money (and debt). I am looking forward to reading about you becoming a “new” dad since you missed WP early days. I would also like to see more pics (you call yourself a photographer right?) :)

  2. FarHa says:


    So, I want the book! I know I might sound like a cheapskate but it’s rather hard to get the book online and get it shipped to KL (ok-ok! I was just to lazy to deal with the online purchase!)

    And, I hope to see more of MrsHM on your blog. She seems like a very cool lady. ( I’m sure she is!heh..) She is effortlessly inspirational! Sorry to say this, as much as I enjoy your writings, I think I have girl-crush ( completely- healthy-non- romantic-way) on her! <3

    And yes, all the best with the resolutions! xx

  3. Sanya Ahmed says:

    I was excited to see that you are returning to the blog!! I started my small one to become a better writer and a better person. But I need a push to get back to writing as well, even if no one reads it, I want to look back and read my memories.

    I would REALLY like to see the adoption process through you and MrsHM’s pov. My parents have been talking about it for years and i’ve been doing my own research but I would LOVE to see your family’s journey.

    Also I’d love to hear about more of your experiences doing wedding photography. Taking pictures is an’s a skill and you are becoming a big part of their wedding. I think they become a big part in your learning experience and gosh, it’s such a pleasure to be chosen by someone to take pictures at their wedding. I want to see your outlook on it more!

    :) Thank You for sharing so much of yourself and your family. All the best in the time to come!!

  4. How about an east vs west theme?

    U.S. Muslim/Sufis vs. Asian and Middle Eastern Muslim Sufis

    and or

    U.S. West Coast Muslims/Sufis vs. East Coast

    Comparing and contrasting similarities and differences.

  5. Kenyandesi says:

    So glad you’re blogging again. I would love to hear about your interfaith activities and see more photography. Recipes for all that delish food you’re always making would be awesome too. Also, you should check out pioneer woman’s blog, you have a lot in common in terms of the kinds of things you cover, and she organizes her stuff really well…congrats on being back and g’luck!

  6. Mouna says:

    Salaam bro…glad to see you blogging again. Item 4 is what I’d really really really wish you’d share with me. It’s what causes me to stay up at night and it is probably my biggest personal struggle…one I’ve never opened up to anyone about. Please share your strategies and ideas.

    Muchas gracias and can’t wait to read along. :)

  7. najwa says:

    I am commenting first, and will then share the post. If that’s ok. I was assuming that by the numerical order above you were simply saying “hey, these are the things I’d like you to do” and they were not in an order of needing to be done first and second.
    … I just read it again, for comprehension. And I think by using the phrase “and then” in between thing 1 and thing 2, you WERE in fact hoping we’d do the first thing first. In which case I’m doing this backwards. Hm. Am hoping I will not be disqualified from the Love Inshaallah giveaway. How strict are these things? I’ll continue, under the assumption that I am not disqualified. What I would like to see on would be your adventures in preparing healthful yet still convenient foods for WarriorPrincess#2 (I am, of course, calling her Najwa in my head) (if that’s ok).

  8. hijabman says:

    Hahaha its definitely okay, Najwa— but it looks like it may be the other “N” name I told you. MrsHM still wants to meet her first before deciding though.

    Yeah I need to get some baby cookbooks :) or maybe I should just steam veggies and blend em. Haven’t decided yet exactly! But definitely will record my experiments!

  9. hijabman says:

    Mouna– thanks for commenting. For #4– money management. I think thats the one I struggle w/ the most, but now there are tools like Shannon mentioned: Mint.Com which I’ve kinda-started using.

  10. hijabman says:

    Sounds good :-) Yeah, I’m a fan of pioneer woman as well. She’s just way better than I am at all of the above.

  11. hijabman says:

    Wasalaam Sanya…. great name btw. I’m gonna have to pitch that one for WarriorPrincess #2.
    Definitely write, even if no one’s reading. That’s how I started! Will definitely make sure there is a post about doing wedding photography.

  12. hijabman says:

    Shannon: I’ve had for a couple years now but I have to make myself look at it and categorize things it miscategorized and entering cash transactions (like farmer’s market purchases). When I have that down, I’ll be much happier. More pics can happen :) How about a photo-friday?

  13. Nilofer Ali-Rodgers says:

    I’m particularly interested in more recipes! I have recently started decreasing the packaged, processed foods I buy for my family (and nearly completely removed them from my own diet), and, being a lousy cook, I need all the help I can get. And my daughter thinks WP1 is the cutest human on the earth.

  14. Sofia says:

    Welcome back, Javed! We’ve missed you! I’d love to hear (a lot) more about the dietary changes you’ve been making, including recipes, as I have begun this journey myself and could use the guidance. Budget friendly meals are particularly appreciated :)

  15. deb Ewing says:

    Everyone has already suggested all the things I would love to read on your re-blog…but wait. Did someone say you should give us photos and descriptions of your decluttering inventions? You’ve been doing that already, and one of my all-time favorites is the treadmill-desk. Please keep inventing and sharing! I am currently embroiled in identifying Everything I Own…and so far I have re-organized my dresser drawers and done the dishes. I never seem to get past that point. Boo Me!

  16. Ann Lang says:


    I just retweeted your post onto my twitter site:
    I came across your blog while looking to learn arabic so I read your review about the Rosetta Stone programe. I just converted to Islam not even a month ago and so I am looking to gain knowledge about Islam and how to read the holy Quran in arabic!
    I really started to like your blog, it is good to read about different facts of Islam that you can’t find in learning books!

    thank you very much for doing this!

    Ann Lang

  17. M. A. Ka'upenamana says:

    This blog post reminded me of something I wrote a little while ago about my experience learning about Islam as an atheist. Here’s what I took away…

    The first pillar: Shahada is the declaration that there is one God, and Muhammed is his messenger. For me, Shahada is a declaration of humility. It is recognizing that mankind is not at the center of the universe but instead, in the context of the universe or the multi-verse, man is nothing. It is this thinking that makes man so insignificant and small that the idea of race, ethnicity, religion, social status or anything else used to divide human beings also becomes insignificant. What does it mean for one man to be more important than another man, or one people to be more important than another people, when we are all nothing? It is recognizing that the world is a lot bigger than just man, let alone the individual.

    Shahada also, for me, represents openness, as in leaving oneself open to accepting nourishment in the form of both spiritual and intellectual information, guidance and experience.

    The second pillar, Salat, which is the physical prayer done five times daily.

    For me, this is an extension to Shahada. Rather than a physical prayer, it is the mental exercise of reminding onself daily to respect and submit to the world around us. One doesn’t need to physically pray, as much as remind oneself to give respect to not just our fellow man but the environment and everything that exists in it. It is giving thanks to the air we breathe, as well as the sun. It is giving respect to every stream of water, acknowledging that life comes from water. It is a reminder to be humble in the face of our environment and the people we love. It is a reminder to walk this Earth with thankfulness.

    The third pillar, Ramadan, is the fasting from dusk to dawn during the lunar month of Ramadan.

    My interpretation of this pillar is twofold. The first aspect, is my relating the act of fasting and the emptying of the stomach to the emptying of one’s thoughts, histories, and idiosyncrasies. One doesn’t need to physically fast but rather mentally fast. It is this act that creates space in one’s mind and heart, even if not everything can be emptied, for intellectual and spiritual nourishment. The second aspect of this pillar is the self-reflection required to periodically recognize parts of one’s life may be detrimental in intellectual and spiritual advancement. This could be one’s environment or lifestyle. In other words, it is about removing unhealthiness –mental, physical, and emotional – from one’s life leaving it open for more enlightening experiences.

    The fourth pillar, Zakat, is the act of charity.

    I have come to see this act as not only sharing oneself but also being humble enough to leave oneself potentially vulnerable for those who are generous enough to share their lives. Charity, whether it be physical and mental, is always beneficial to both the giver and the receiver, as something can always be learned from both.

    The fifth pillar, Hajj, is one’s physical visit to Mecca, specifically the Kaabah.

    I have come to now understand Hajj as not a physical journey but a metaphoric spiritual journey to a distant place, which can be buried so deep inside of us. Every one of us, who seeks some kind of spiritual understanding and enlightenment, has to embark on a spiritual journey in his or her lifetime. It’s taking the four pillars above and concluding with this fifth step that brings one to attempt true enlightenment.

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