Muslim-y Links Roundup: Shiny Happy People Version

It’s the shiny happy people version of Muslim round-up!

Again, if you come across anything of interest regarding Islam, muslim women or muslims in general and would like me to review it, answer questions, or just comment on it here, flip it to me via: w00dturtl3 {at} gmail {dot} com.

1. Calgary has just elected the city’s first visible minority for mayor. Naheed Nenshi is also the first Muslim to head a major Canadian city.

2. Here are some great, kick-ass photos of Malaysian Women’s Shooting champions Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi and Nur Ayuni Halim. They were awarded silver and bronze at this year’s Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

3. What are 10,000 Muslim men saying?

We, the men of the board and staff of the Muslim Consultative Network, stand against domestic violence in any and all forms. In recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we ask MUSLIM MEN to stand with us against this societal ill that is strictly forbidden in Islam.

4. A cute Desi + Arab couple, Amir & Haneen, share a video they played at their reception:

5. Now you can travel with our friend, Jihad Turk, as he explores the Middle East.

6. This one isn’t so happy and shiny, but still something you should be aware of. The Lonely Planet Misguidebook:

“Lonely Planet never clubs the British and Portuguese together as ‘the Christians’, so why place rulers from varied ethnic backgrounds and historical eras into a hold all category such as ‘the Muslims’?”

Links compiled by WoodTurtle & HijabMan

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