Stretching Out My Blog

hammockWilyKit and I sleep on a hammock overlooking the jungle in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

In my years of blogging, I never had anything to do besides sit in front of a computer, reflect, and write down my thoughts. Now that I’m married, own a house, have two children, live in a cohousing community, co-own an Orchard, keep bees, and have 10 garden beds I rarely sit down at a computer wanting to write. I am so focused on producing the tangible– a happy marriage, two awesome daughters, a vibrant local community, vegetables, honey, fruit– that I have let writing slip away. I’ve tried coming back a few times, and this will be my last and (hopefully successful attempt).

I’d like to write about all the things I’ve learned in the past five years. Here’s a sampling

A. I learned how to cook well, and from scratch. Now that I have children, I need to walk my talk. We eat as few processed/boxed foods as possible. I don’t think we’ve bought a box of cereal in 4 years. I use fresh tomatoes when I make my pizza sauce. I’ve never given my daughter ‘baby food’

It’s crazy! And it just feels GOOD.

B. As a stay-at-home-dad I am constantly trying to tinker with organizational systems and cleaning regimens that make the house run smoothly and efficiently. From robot vacuums to scanning and shredding– I am a lean mean organizational machine — who still leaves his clothes lying on the bathroom floor.

C. Living in cohousing has its ups and downs, but my experience so far has been positive.