Three Beautiful Things Thursday: A Space Invaders Prayer Rug

This *one* thing is so amazing that it takes the place of three beautiful things.

A Polish artist by the name of Janek Simon made this:


  1. Leon says:

    If you follow your link back to the page about the artist, you’ll see that it’s not a physical rug. It’s a projection that uses the frame of a historical rug, and the space invader graphics actually move and attack each other like in the game.

    It’s interesting to me how much that changes things — instead of a functional Islamic with “western” decorations, it becomes a functional western object with an Islamic decorative border… or perhaps a window on an alternate universe where the Almoravids were never driven out of Spain and the Ottomans won the battle of Vienna, so that by now ALL video games look like this…

    Nice mushroom photo in your next post, btw. That’s Ganoderma applanatum, the “artist’s conk”. It has a white underside that changes color when bruised, so you can draw on it just by using pressure.

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