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Sometimes They’d Rather Argue About When Eid Is

A couple days ago, the advertisement (an article by design) shown above appeared in countless college newspapers across America. It was put together by an organization called F.L.A.M.E. or “Facts And Logic About The Middle East”– only they specialize in demonizing Islam and Muslims.

In order to counteract the effects of hate speech and misinformation regarding our communities, I personally believe that Muslims should be proactive when it comes to engaging their neighbors. In addition to being proactive, I also believe it is important to respond simply and swiftly to articles and ads such as the one above.
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Muslims Well Integrated, Or Approving Of Suicide Strikes?

My buddy Optimussven, writes (way better than I could):

Right now seems to be as good a time as any to talk about “responsible journalism” or the lack thereof in the US. Take a look at the following two headlines, the first from the BBC, the later from the AP:

Muslims ‘well integrated’ in US


Some U.S. Muslims approve suicide strikes

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