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Lessons From Squealing Birds On Rollercoasters


As I was about to get on the highway, a baby bird jumped onto the window ledge of my Civic. I could see it in my driver’s side mirror, and tried to nudge it off by letting my foot off the break a bit— nothing.

I made a left turn onto the exit ramp, and the baby bird hung on for dear life. In fact, it looked like it was enjoying itself, closing its eyes, its wings held back. At one point, it didn’t even look like a bird, just a ball of feathers flapping in the wind.

“WheeeeeeEEEEEEeeeeeeeee!” I heard it squeal. Yeah. No joke. Literal squeals of joy as if it was on a roller coaster, as if it was having the the time of its life.
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Christopher Walken Gives Good Khutbas. So Does Muhammad Asad.

“You were fast forwarding through your life long before you met me, big shot…” – Christopher Walken as Morty in Click

There are times in my life when the spiritual high dries up like a desert. I no longer feel the high. That, of course, is when the real challenge begins, as many have written and spoken before me. Can we continue to struggle through prayer, through life when we feel like we are in a desert with little sustenance? Or do we try to pass the time, seeking instead to fast-forward life.

I’m guilty of the latter. I’ve been fast forwarding through life for years. Whether it be through television, movies, the computer, or the phone, I’ve always found ways to escape living.

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