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Muslim-y And Other Links: More Happy Shiny!

1. If you are using Firefox on a Windows PC, you should update your browser to the latest version now. They just patched a major security issue.

2. Muslims Who Wear Things. This new web site that has gone viral, for good reason. You’ll see a picture of me somewhere in there!

3. We think more people need to think like these Albanian Muslims who sheltered their Jewish brothers and sisters during the holocaust:

“Pictures of the Albanian Muslims in the exhibit tell a lifetime of stories. As a young mother, one woman did not have enough breast milk to feed her son. A Jewish woman she hid nursed him instead. She was asked if she minded that a Jewish mother had fed her baby.

“Jews are God’s people like us,” the woman said.

Another man who also hid Jewish families said, “I did nothing special. All Jews are our brothers.”

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Muslim-y Links Roundup: Shiny Happy People Version

It’s the shiny happy people version of Muslim round-up!

Again, if you come across anything of interest regarding Islam, muslim women or muslims in general and would like me to review it, answer questions, or just comment on it here, flip it to me via: w00dturtl3 {at} gmail {dot} com.

1. Calgary has just elected the city’s first visible minority for mayor. Naheed Nenshi is also the first Muslim to head a major Canadian city.

2. Here are some great, kick-ass photos of Malaysian Women’s Shooting champions Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi and Nur Ayuni Halim. They were awarded silver and bronze at this year’s Commonwealth Games in Delhi.
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