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How I Take Pictures With The Qur’an

If we equate a moment with a photograph, then our lives are like a series of freeze frames. Some of the best people, as told by God in the Qur’an are described as those that stay Conscious of God ( Muttaqun) during the moments that make up our lives.

So, for instance, someone who is God-conscious doesn’t just keep their camera in a bag slung around their shoulder. The one who is God-conscious actually has it out while engaging their surroundings. They experiment by viewing the reality before them through various lenses, filters, and camera-modes. They are zooming in, zooming out, and deciding what combination of lenses, filters, and modes best capture that moment. At last, they take an action. They snap the photograph. They apply the Qur’an in their lives and begin a dialogue with God.
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Ellison To Use Thomas Jefferson’s Qur’an

Rep. Keith Ellsion = Rockstar Extraordinaire. If you aren’t in the know, Rep-elect Keith Ellison is the first Muslim elected to Congress in the history of the U.S.

Everything was fine and dandy until about two weeks ago, when a certain Congressman, Rep. Virgil Goode of Virginia, made a big stink about Ellison’s insistance on using the Qur’an to swear-in. Oh, and he threw in some remarks about immigrants and Muslims as well. God bless you Virgil, we love you too.

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