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Language Software Review: Rosetta Stone in Arabic

The following is a guest post by KufiGirl

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I finished Rosetta Stone Arabic. I didn’t speak Arabic when I started, and I don’t speak Arabic now.

Before you go “well, duh, no software program could –” let me interrupt you and say no, this is in fact the claim made by the company and by many, many reviewers. When you finish Rosetta Stone, you’re told, you’ll have – if not fluency – then at least two solid years of college-level foreign language learning under your belt. It’s not advertised as a _companion_ to a course or a book or an immersion language experience; it’s advertised as the new and best way to learn a foreign language, period. I didn’t go through it with that expectation, but I’m going to review it on those terms because that’s what people who pay for it think they’re getting.
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